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    Right, I am really starting to dislike this game actively after switching to classic difficulty. Pluses are that groups of aliens now seem to roam the map, that is a huge deal since it makes this much less of a turn based corridor shooter.

    Major, major minus is that aliens have obvious bonuses to critical hits and aim. A single sectoid took out three of my guys in full cover over half the map, over three turns and got a critical hit every time. A single lone UFO commander alien murdered a full strikeforce of uninjured characters with non-stop crits and hits in cover.
    I swallowed that.

    Every single hit on the next mission was a crit, every single shot was a hit, my guys were always in cover and never flanked.

    This makes the game blow donkey balls imho since coherent teams, covering fire etc now count for very little. Sure it ups your odds a bit, but..

    I really wish there were modifiers selectable to avoid this. Partial cover is a joke as it is. Full cover is always blown away in one hit, followed by a crit.

    It's like they balanced it for intense saving and reloading, very annoying. Though I guess it's to be expected, after all Civ5 high level AIs summon units from thin air.

    It is very frustrating that the game I actually want to play seems to be in there but hidden in between difficulty levels. It is even more frustrating that all my attempts to get Xenonauts from Desura have so far failed. Time to try again guess.
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