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    LeoliansBro wrote:
    Snapshot ain't great at all TBH. I've always gone squadsight.
    Totally agree. In my first play through I had a sniper with 'Snapshot' and 'double-tap' and thought it was awesome. I'm now currently half-way through a CI play through and have a 'Squadsight' sniper with 'In the Zone' and I have to be honest - it's so bloody superior it's laughable.

    For instance, my Snapshot, double-tap Colonel could do some pretty awesome damage to all kinds of nasties, including seriously damaging or killing off Cyberdiscs or Sectopods. But to see my current sniper Colonel, with Plasma sniper, take out 4 Muton Elites[!] plus proceed to snipe a large chunk of health from an emerging Sectopod in one turn on overwatch with the 'In the Zone' skill, all from the safety and comfort of being much further back from the rest of the squad, there is just no comparison!
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