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    Commander Keen wrote:
    So, out of interest, now we've all played this for a while and are generally quite positive about it, how do we all feel it a) compares to the original and b) what features, if any, you'd like to see added?
    Larger maps with more opportunities for flanking. Flanking was built up to be a big deal in the game because of the hit/crit bonuses it offers, but with the maps being small, and the enemies getting their free move when you open the monster closet, there's a strong incentive not to try to flank, because doing so will frequently mean opening another monster closet and making your situation worse, frequently ending up with you being the flanked one.

    Make cover more diverse and useful. Anything that currently counts as "heavy" cover should block fire completely, rather than being a -40% shot.

    Also, make suppression worth doing. Suppressing fire should cut the target's action pool down so that they have one action in their next turn and can only use it to move or get their head down, as it is the accuracy penalty is insignificant so why would you do it when you could shoot the guy dead?

    In all, try and make it so that there's more variation and it's not just a race to 100% accuracy.
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