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    @jabberwoky Heh, really funny read man. In my case, I had two female snipers, Yamasaki and an Irish chick called Kennedy. In the beginning, Yamasaki was awesome and was laying waste to everyone, and I regularly bad-mouthed Kennedy for being only passable. My GF (Japanese by the way) gave me shit because I wasn't giving Kennedy any respect, and sure enough, every time I was in a fix, Kennedy pulled my fat out of the fire.

    Kennedy took a fair few hits too, so I was really surprised when super high will Yamasaki failed the initiation and sure as shit, Kennedy turns out to be a psychic.

    What I love about this game the most is that that story I just told is probably boring as fuck for everyone, but for me it was really something. Every time I'd be like "Ah for fuck's sake Kennedy, ya can't shoot for shit!" and the GF would be rooting for Kennedy all the time for some reason, and then every now and again Kennedy would become this unstoppable force, and ultimately go on to save the world.

    I suppose this is how people who love spectator sports must feel... ^-^
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