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    Regarding the cheating, I have to admit, Classic does feel a bit cheaty sometimes.

    Case in point, Large UFO, can't remember the class, but the one that you have to go up the slopes at the front. Anyway I had uncover 2 muton elites who had decided to camp in overwatch for about 5 turns. As soon as I had moved my squad sight snipers into position, and moved my assault to the edge of cover to see them, guess what... they had moved. Almost as if they knew what I was doing. Probably just coincidence to be fair but still annoying.

    You need a fair bit of luck in the first couple of months of CI. Not due to cheating but as LB says, the aliens have much better aim and tech than you do.

    Mutons are also pretty stupid a lot of the time. Often just run out into the open in no cover. But when they are in decent cover they can be brutal.
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