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    @ZizouFC I can't remember if anyone has already mentioned this, but save your satellite launches until just before the council report. A country will not leave the council until then even if they are on Max panic. The only exception to this is if you fail a terror mission in that territory. I think I have that right.

    The benefit of waiting until the last minute is that you may get a mission that will lower panic in that country, and you can then use that sattelite somewhere more beneficial (such as US / Russia for cash, or to try to get a continent bonus).

    There are exceptions of course. For example I had a few spare sats in my current game due to countries leaving the council and I used them straight away on South America and got all of my autopsies and interrogations done instantly. Works for other continents too such as Europe if you were about to build some workshops etc.

    Also, if a country is already on max panic, you can safely ignore an abduction mission there if you have a sat put aside for it (provided the rest of the continent isn't panicing too bad). This may allow you more freedom to reduce panic elsewhere or go for a better mission reward.

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