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    ZizouFC wrote:
    Oh so there is a reason to do the campaign missions other than advance the story. Well I knew there were rewards, but that would be very handy right now.

    Technically, could I keep playing the same game indefinitely if I wanted to build everything, have a massive super strong squad and then take on the campaign missions?
    I'm currently employing this strategy on CI, although not out of choice. I suffered a squad wipe of my best soldiers and it is taking me a while to get a decent squad to assault the alien base. I'm ready now, but I have already already met all alien types excluding the ethereal and sectiod commander who dont unlock until after the base assault anyway. The way I see if I delay a bit longer and try to build a back up team in case it all tits up on the assault it wont make much difference now.

    Although I'm starting to get a bit bored so I may just go for it!
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