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    dominalien wrote:
    As for Uncharted, the 3rd is probably not the best place to start. Most people will tell you UC2 is the pinnacle of the Uncharted series, but my personal favourite is UC1. My opinion differs a lot from the opinions of other people, though, so you might consider ignoring me.

    The Mass Effects are very good. I'd say the console of choice for those would be the 360.
    I agree and the first is my favourite too, love them all and it's easly my favourite game series this gen, possibly of all. Also the first is the most unique in that it's not full of set pieces and so may feel more different than the other two games are to each other.

    As for Mass Effect, the trilogy is coming so you can play it on either console - i played the 360 version as ME was originally an exclusive. The only difference is that I had to change discs.

    If you play JRPGs then don't miss out on Lost Odyssey on 360.
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