#9329498, By SClaw High Speed Trains in the UK

  • SClaw 29 Jan 2013 08:29:48 826 posts
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    While this has a lot of merit in its own right, the real reason I want this to go ahead is to give a massive middle finger to all the bastards opposing it.

    I know a couple who are. Ohhhhh Iím sooooo sorry that a train track is being built within half a mile of your fucking mansion in your fucking posh arse village where they look at me like I dropped out of someoneís nose. Iím sure itíll get right in the way when youíre driving one of your several BMWs to your fucking cattery you hard done by TWATS.

    To be honest I donít mind them objecting. It would bother me too if I lived there, but letís not pretend itís about the environment, eh? Be honest. Itís about your house price.
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