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    I honestly don't mind the PS3 controller. I can grip it well, I like the way the buttons feel and I don't mind the R2/L2 buttons either. I had a tendency to squeeze the 360 triggers too hard as well for some reason.

    That said, I would make a few changes. I'd change the shape of the R2/L2 buttons slightly so your fingers don't slip off them as much and your fingers don't get trapped in the overhand towards the R1/L1 buttons. I'd also make the PS3 sticks, concave (is that the right word?) so your thumbs stay on them a little better.

    I'd also consider moving the D-Pad and left stick around, since using the D-Pad and left stick at once can be a bit finicky. That said, it's only really been a problem in Kingdom Hearts, so I don't know about that.

    But, yeah, I don't really have a problem with the PS3 controller. I don't play that many shooters or racing games, and when I do I manage fine with the PS3 controller. I like having a reliable d-pad. It's handy when I play the likes of Rayman Origins, or games when I need to know exactly which direction I'm pushing in.
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