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    One of my friends has raised 6k to finish a low budget feature through fundit. He's delighted; after 15 years, this is the first time he's been given the money to make something with no strings attached. Presumably if the people who paid for it like it enough, they'll bung 20 quid towards another one.

    He's not competing with Hollywood but he _has_ spent a lot of time chasing grants, which demand certain shooting and script restrictions. He did go through the process of shooting a samples, rather than a trailer, which I think is an important proof-of-concept. Exposure through a big distributor like Amazon might net him 2x or 10x the money next time.

    I've long since given up on Hollywood. Most of my favorite directors can't get funding for films under the new blockbuster-only system. Evem filmmakers like Werner Herzog and David Lynch have been struggling for finance. This is an exciting development and there'll be a sliding scale of distribution - I don't think Amazon will be able to completely monopolise it.
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