#8357735, By simplerotation Which country has the best cuisine?

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    I actually really love American food (/stealth I'm a bloater), especially food from the South - catfish, fried green tomatoes, BBQ from different regions (I love Texas style but will also eat KC), tex-mex can be really delicious if done well, good fried chicken, okra, sweet potatoes, thick delicious gumbo with crawfish, oysters. I ate SO well when I was in NOLA and also when I visit my family in Austin.
    Now I'd only eat stuff like this about once a year and then have to atone by going on a big run :) But it is delicious.

    I'm half indonesian and the food my mum cooked growing up and when we visited my family was fantastic, I have a massive love for south Asian food in general, I might make some soto ayam and krupuk for dinner or some peanut sauce (from scratch, not from peanut butter) and satay. :)
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