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    Went out at lunch time and got 2 hits on Street pass, very jealous of other peoples homes. One guy has a Mario kart and F Zero ship, I will get one some day.

    /Rubs hands together like Monty Burns.
    I've been lucky enough to get a kart and its great. Touching it puts away and brings out the glider.
    Not jealous

    /is lying .
    You're in luck, I just got another one that I can swap with you if you're interested?
    Would love to take it off you, not sure I have that much stuff to awap though, Varsia (?) suit, fire flower, Mario block, really not that much else other than turnips :)
    Maybe a bells donation if nothing suits?
    Varia suit would be a perfect swap for me. My friend code is 0817-3740-4390. I'll add yours from your sig.
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