#9698105, By Animal Crossing 3DS

  • Deleted user 4 July 2013 05:03:28
    Checked my activity log earlier. Yep 80 hours game time in 3 weeks. Lol! I've still soo much more to do as well. Still have shops to open and expand, house renovations, museum exhibits, public works, overall town landscaping, clothing and other designs, medals to achieve on Tortimers Island and I'm sure ive missed other things.

    Absolutely brilliant game and I just still can't get enough of it. I genuinely thought I'd of seen it all after 80 hours of gameplay or thought I'd suffer from burnout. I didn't quite know what to expect with it being my 1st AC experience.

    GOTY? Its more than that for me. Its one of the best experiences I've had in years and right up there with my Nintendo favourites.

    Sorry if it sounds like I'm going OTT its just that I never seem to rave about games anymore as very little gets me going like it used to do.
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