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    Hello dsmx sorry it has taken so long to get back to you.

    Yes The Boss was loyal to her mission but that means nothing in of itself. As you say it is hard to avoid spoilers so The Mighty Rose will put the spoiler tags on this next bit so as not to possibly reveal too much to people who have not played through the game.

    Her mission was to steal the Philosophers legacy from Volgin for the CIA. There was nothing noble about that mission. How does giving the legacy to the CIA fit in with her vision of the world as one? It does not.

    She was a hypocrite because she talked about wanting peace on one hand while with the other she handed over two miniature nuclear warheads to a madman to do with as he wished. It is worth remembering that The Boss herself fired the second warhead just before her fight with Snake.

    As for being a coward well someone that preaches about wanting peace and then does absolutely nothing to try and make it happen is a coward in my book. She was supposed to be this great hero but was nothing more than a CIA stooge.

    It was good to play through these games again recently as it meant Tim Rose was able to dig out his Piggyback guides. I love Piggyback guides as they are always beautifully put together and in the MGS2 one they even try to explain the ending of Sons of Liberty! Talk about an impossible task! I probably would have struggled to get the platinum on both games on the vita if not for these guides.

    My favourite piggyback guides are Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 and Dragon Quest Journey of the Cursed King. The colour and artwork is superb in them. I just wish Piggy had done the guide for Okami as well as I had to settle for a Prima guide which was sorely lacking in colour pictures.
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