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    The Mighty Rose has returned!

    That's right the thinking, and indeed non-thinking, girls bit of crumpet is back.

    Check out my new profile pic guys. It features Chockies the Cat in The Mighty Rose underpants and also includes my series regulars Steve Guttenberg, Disgruntled Smoking Bulldog, Sausageman, Camp Croc (that flamboyant crocodile) and Mark Wahlberg all created from lbp psp. Rest assured guys that all these characters will feature in my forthcoming lbp vita levels. All right!

    It has been an eventful past few months Tim Rose can tell you. Being framed by my age old nemesis Humphrey "Fagbender" Norton and sent to prison, escaping, clearing my name, thwarting Fagbender from blowing up the olympics and getting my first platinum trophies on Gravity Rush, Mgs2, Uncharted GA and mgs3 on the vita to name just a few of the things that have happened to the legend that is The Mighty Rose since last he graced EG.

    Speaking of lbp vita Tim Rose(me!)has already put in an order and he should hopefully have it before the weekend. This is spite of the fact The Mighty Rose somehow managed to totally corrupt his profile on the lbp beta simply by trying to insert a scoreboard in it! Can I get a hells no! I passed the details onto Syrok so hopefully him and his crack team have since sorted it out and Tim Rose will not suffer the same problem again.

    Afiddes made a great suggestion about a dedicated thread for community levels and The Mighty Rose was thinking the same thing. It is not quite a Mighty Rose appreciation thread but that is surely not far away from happening here on EG right guys?
    On the beta I played the levels of all the people on here (at least the ones I could find! Sorry Santashi could not find yours) including Flying Pigs and Jonsaans and I even left detailed reviews for you both as well.

    Flying Pigs was particularly useful for me as Tim Rose had only previously played lbp psp and had no clue how to use some of the tools that were carried over from the ps3 versions into the vita version. From checking out your level I was able to work out some stuff so thanks for that son.
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