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    Tarsier are lucky to have you Syrok so says Tim Rose.

    That's right guys The Mighty Rose is back!

    Two appearances in less than a week? Wow is this Ferrero Rocher or am I spoiling you guys?

    It's not all japes and giggles (as El_pollo would say) though as it turns out I have corrupted my profile on lbp vita after only having the game for less than a week. Can I get a hells no! Shirley that must be some kind of record although I doubt Tim Rose will get a trophy for that.

    It was a total schoolboy howler on my part. I had completed the excellent story mode, which has some superb level design and great music although I am finding it very difficult in places, and was tinkering away in the create mode and was putting the finishing touches to my newly designed disco version of Camp Croc, complete with flares and a snazzy afro, when I pressed the home button to check my battery. Then returning to the create mode I rather stupidly pressed the home button again whilst the create mode was still in the process of loading. This caused my game to freeze and my vita to switch itself off after a few minutes. Upon restarting and loading lbp vita I was given the message that my profile was corrupted and that I would need to create a new one. Tim Rose had lost everything including my saved progress and my creations.

    Thankfully I had only just started messing around in create mode so I did not lose too much. I am unable to back up my profile on a ps3 or a pc but I would recommend others to do so and just to be safe DO NOT do anything when create mode is loading.

    The Mighty Rose has since completed story mode again and is back in create mode once more. You want great user levels Syrok? Watch this space!

    Coming soon the 1:6 scale collectible figure of The Mighty Rose complete with underpants. Now you can have your very own Tim Rose (albeit in miniature form) for your collection. Pre order today and you will get a cuddly toy of either Camp Croc, Chockies the Cat or Sausageman absolutely free!
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