#8404230, By Nikator Your favourite Final Fantasies (yes this is a list thread).

  • Nikator 8 Feb 2012 13:59:30 57 posts
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    VII, quite brilliant and arguably my favorite game ever.
    VIII, the first time I played it through I loved it, setting and plot. But Squall is annoying and looking back now the level scaling and junction system are a mess.
    Tactics - something different and I really enjoyed it, not so emotionally attached though.
    X - Great story and world, crap protagonist and antagonist. Decent Battle system, too linear and too little sidequests.
    IX - The thing that I like about FF's was the industrial revolution type settings of VII or futuristic zanarkands. This Medievil setting was so typical RPG that it lost some of the FF magic- nice char classes though.
    III (DS) - DS remake probably doesn't do it justice, was alright.

    I've never played 6, avoided 12 and haven't played 13/13-2 yet so can't comment on those.
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