#8410898, By Hog-lumps anyone use a pressure cooker?

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    Ignore the haters in this thread - pressure cookers are great!

    I use mine all the time, mainly to cook mince for chilli or spag bol - the mince ends up tender and rich at a fraction of the time.

    It is also great for soups and stews as none of the aromas escape so it stays tastier with a coooking time of only 10 mins for veg soup.

    Basically anything you can do in a slow cooker you can do in a pressure cooker with similar results much much quicker.

    The key is to have plenty of moisture in the mix as you need the steam to ensure it cooks well and doesn't burn on the bottom. The other important thing is to get it up to the correct pressure so you get a gentle 'hissing' sound - you sort of learn to recognise the hiss with practice/
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