#8419854, By Picnic What's been your biggest highlight of current gen ?

  • Picnic 13 Feb 2012 22:02:03 36 posts
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    The Xbox Kinect. Microsoft responded to the Wii in the best way that they could- by broadening the types of games on the Xbox360 rather than just catering to the gritty FPS player. River Rush on Kinect Adventures is one of the most beautiful things that I have seen this generation- it's a proper arcade style thrill and anyone who regards it as shallow shovelware doesn't really appreciate the artistry involved in it. The Xbox360 really is like a worthy lantern bearer of the Dreamcast style of the latest technology coupled with colourful fun. (Give me Rare over Sony's studios any day- although Naughty Dog do well- Perfect Dark Zero was also a fun start for the console in my opinion).

    Heavy Rain- even after only playing it for 10 minutes or so I am surprised by how unpretentious and unponderous it feels, how it doesn't just feel like a Dragon's Lair series of Quick Time Events, how the graphics (despite some mixed reviews) are not a let down.
    It's not worth buying a console for just one game though and I feel sure that Alan Wake will serve as a worthy kind of stmospheric alternative for the Xbox360.
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