#8521693, By Pirotic Apple iPad 3 'Announced - Available March 16th'

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    Rhythm wrote:
    monkman76 wrote:
    Rhythm wrote:
    The pixels stand out a mile on the 4S screen and the 3 is lower DPI so forgive me if I think you're exaggerating a little :-)
    Hehe, spotted that as soon as I posted it.

    Anyway, pixels on the 4S are clearly distinguishable at arm's length. This isn't any higher quality than that :-)
    Are you a T-Rex? Because even up close I can't spot a single pixel on my 4S screen, and while the iPad isn't quite as sharp up close - considering you hold it further away than the phone the result is the same, it looks like paper, I've spent many an evening just admiring a font kerning instead of reading the damn thing.
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