#8423329, By Picnic The PS3 is not very good if you're not a fan of games with shooting.

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    Apart from sports titles:

    Killzone series - shooting - and that series divides opinion.
    Uncharted series - shooting + platforming. A saving grace for the PS3 as a console for classic 'adventure games' but the player knows that the platforming sections rarely offer any truly life threatening scenarios to the character.
    Resistance series - shooting - and some say only the first game was very distinctive and even that wasn't outstanding.
    Ratchet and clank- shooting + platforming. And it's not Banjo Kazooie is it. It's maybe Sonic Adventure 2 lite only with a rather 'seen it before' kind of animation style.
    Haze - shooting
    Motorstorm - shoot yourself for buying a game that offers less satisfaction than Gamecube sports titles like Waverace: Blue Storm.
    Metal Gear Solid 4- shooting

    Even the flagship platform series is a shooter hybrid. And people still think that it's the Xbox series that should be synonomous with shooting games!

    So what else is there that's exclusive - Heavenly Sword - an on rails kind of fighting game. Little Big Planet - A game with such a great premise- create your own platform game. So why lumber it with Mr Bean's teddy bear as a 'mascot' and with floaty physics.

    So there's Lair - and that didn't get great reviews.
    And there's the Yakuza series - well that might be alright.

    So that leaves Heavy Rain which does appear to be good to very good from what I have played.

    The Xbox360 barely has many more exclusive games that do not heavily feature shooting
    e.g. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts
    Viva Pinata
    Fable 3

    But the greater number of third party games on the Xbox360 makes all the difference, as does the Kinect which provides a greater array of non-shooting games.

    In conclusion, the PS3 is actually more skewed towards shooting games than the Xbox360 is. And the PS3's shooting games, Uncharted aside, tend to be greyer, browner, looking. It's like at some point Sony decided to turn the Playstation brand from being all about Lara Croft and Crash Bandicoot and turn it in to a grey sea of FPS games to out-grey the Xbox360 line up.

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