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    My brother is a graduate but in an art field, he really struggled to get an entry level design position after uni, so took a retail job, he's progressed from there to a terribly paid admin job and has gotten stuck. They keep threatening to cut his department and he doesn't know what he's going to do if they do cut them. Both him and I regularly trawl for jobs for him and he applies every time something reputable (a uni, a bank, a call centre etc) comes up, he's been shortlisted a couple of times but never managed to secure the position.
    He has no savings and lives hand to mouth pretty much, covers all his bills and everything but has little left over, I'd be terrified for him if he lost his job, he is lucky in once sense as he has zero debt (he's been really good about never turning to an overdraft or credit card) and he could always kip on my sofa I suppose. What people do without this support network, I don't know.
    It really depends on what area you're in, I can't imagine being in this position in London, there seems to be jobs everywhere, but he's in Southampton which by all accounts is a total sink in terms of jobs. I really want him to move here but it's hard with no money and the days turn in to weeks, months with him just spinning his wheels.

    It's really rather sad.
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