#8433244, By simplerotation What do you reckon is the minimum number of whole foods you could live on?

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    MetalDog wrote:
    I think I'm going to have to mentally revise my impression of how many people could survive getting their own food in the event of civilization collapse.
    It's surprisingly few.

    I read a book which was quite realistic in this regards, and basically everyone was flooding this supermarket and the protagonist choose the worst stuff, basically tins of soup. Which are good for one meal maybe two and with low nutritional value. Got very little dried, storable proteins and didn't stock up on things like salt and sugar, got bottled vitamins but not things like flour, dried beans, dried meats (mmm apocalypse parma ham), whole cheese which keep for ages, dried milk powder (good source of calcium & protein), dried yeast, oats etc.

    They didn't die, but almost did.
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