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    Nope, wouldn't want to hang around with idiots, but that's not really what I'm asking. Just genuine peoples.
    Other than my name my Live Profile doesn't scream 'girl'. I'd say my tag is non-gender-specific too.

    I mainly play campaign in all my games, the fact that a game has multiplayer is not a selling point for me.
    I do enjoy MP on occasion and I do sometimes play CoD (also Gears, Forza, Pinball, NFS, F1, or whatever takes my fancy), but yes I get those comments regardless of the game, unless I remain silent, then I get accused of being ignorant and sometimes get booted.

    I can't win.

    I've had good convos in pre-arranged games with shamblemonkee & co. but I'm so used to keeping my mouth shut I kinda come across as anti-social (I'm not, quite friendly actually...with a few screws loose!)

    I've been ONLINE gaming since 2003ish (not a PC gamer) so have put up with it for a long time.

    I don't really want this thread turning into a debate though. I'm not a female games who is all for girl power or anything, I couldn't care less if i play against guys or girls.

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