#8475080, By EffEmmGee Gamers in Oxford?

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    Funny you should mention Lazy Gamer as a random person messaged my boyfriend on his Vita (found him usin that 'Near' app) who mentioned it.

    Haha, my Boyfriend doesn't count lol! (that sounded meaner than intended)

    It's just nice to have someone else to talk to. We used to know this guy who lived local, he was VERY trying though, one of those people who was always trying to be your best friend even though they already were. He never listened to our 'House Rules' (and nearly killed our Cat because of it!...funny thing is he blames us for him leaving wrappers everywhere!), and both him and his gf were compulsive liars. When things finally came to a head he bombarded us with hatefull messages over Live, wishing our Cat was dead etc (I took pics of those messages haha!).

    Anyway the point I was trying to make was that when that friendship was good, it was nice having someone else to socialise with.
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