#9259836, By JoeBlade So what old PC games are still great?

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    kentmonkey wrote:
    So...is Alpha Centauri easy enough for someone to pick up who hasn't played a Civ game before? Or is my brain likely to fry without having the printed manual sat next to me?
    Hmm, it might be a bit overwhelming if you're entirely new to the genre. It's been so long since I played it I don't remember for sure whether SMAC had builtin help, a tutorial, advisors and such. I think it had at least some of those but again, it's been too long.
    If not some upfront reading and keeping a manual handy might indeed be advisable.

    That said, as with any game genre with this one practice makes perfect too. You'll just need to play some more games than a player who is familiar with Civ to become good at SMAC.
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