#549784, By Lisias Which Eurogamer is Level 10 and over...

  • Lisias 12 Dec 2004 16:55:14 20 posts
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    Oh,same here.
    I started playing Halo 2 and had fun and it was nice and we were all singing together and dancing around the fire...
    Those were the days,didn't give a shit if win or lose.
    But then...
    I went to level 3,level 4,level 5 without even noticing it,so... I said why not go to level 6?And I went.And then level 7.I went level 8.Then I fell back to 7.Oh,I was maaad.
    I told to myself that I will play till I go again to 8 no matter what,did'n care for anything else!
    I had fallen to the Dark side...
    There was no turning back.
    The vanity-and-level-hunting virus was in my blood.
    No more fun for level 10 mr.ImraSnake now.Just shouting and cursing and hate,I am full of hatred for the guy who got our flag,why he got our flag,did I got his,and even if I did this isn't a way for a lady to behave,is it now?
    /slaps himself twice
    /will shut up now
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