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    GAMES! That's what we want, and that's this week's update in a nutshell. We start with the big retail release, Soul Sacrifice (released 3rd May in UK). The game is supposed to be Sony's substitute for Monster Hunter where you sacrifice your body parts in exchange for POWER needed to destroy the most gruesome monsters around. Those on the fence can grab the demo now, but bear in mind that the multiplayer portion of the demo will end within the next few hours...

    The next big game this week is the fun point and click game, Machinarium. The game sees you playing a small robot and walking through an industrial world, solving puzzles as you try to rescue your robot friend. Also out this week is Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov's Revenge, a strategy game (I think) and cross-buy on the PS3 version as well. The final game we have is a huge surprise called Farming Simulator. I assume this allows you to have fun with tractors and stuff :p.

    In terms of add-ons, there's a new table pack for Pinball Arcade, as well as the Pro Packs and some extra balls for the Star Trek: The Next Generation table. There's also a new costume for LittleBigPlanet Vita and a network pass for 2nd hand buyers of Soul Sacrifice.

    That's all for this week, happy sacrificing!

    Next Week
    The calm before the high speed storm...

    1st May 2013

    ****Full Vita Games****
    Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov's Revenge - 7.99
    Farming Simulator - 6.49
    Machinarium - 4.79
    Soul Sacrifice - 29.99 (Releases 3rd May 2013)

    ****Vita DLC, Game Packs and Online/Network Passes****
    Soul Sacrifice Network Pass - 7.99
    LBPV: Cinco de Mayo Mariachi Costume - FREE
    Pinball Arcade Add-on Pack 11: Dr. Dude and Firepower - 3.99
    Pinball Arcade Add-on Pack 11: Dr. Dude Pro Table Pack with Firepower - 6.49
    Pinball Arcade Add-on Pack 11: Dr. Dude Pro Table Pack Upgrade - 3.19
    Pinball Arcade: Star Trek: The Next Generation Custom Balls - 0.79
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