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    I'm not too sure about how to do a full system transfer and keep a pre-installed game on the new system- in theory the system transfer would keep your old stuff and wipe off fire emblem, as it resets the new machine.

    What I suspect is that, when setting up the new machine, it asks for your eshop/club nintendo details, and registers that you have 'bought' Fire Emblem, allowing you to do a full system transfer (you can copy all of the old stuff to the new memory card via a PC during the process) and then just re-download Fire Emblem but don't quote me on that...

    I'm really not sure how it works with the system transfer-
    upgrading a memory card to a bigger one is easy
    transferring data from one 3DS to a new one is easy
    Merging data? I have no idea.

    /so, er, yeah, I don't know sorry Mal :/

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