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    Mola_Ram wrote:
    I just realised the solution to my money problem! For some reason I chose luck as the strong stat for my avatar, Boris.

    But now, combined with jtn's suggestion about the despoil skill, I have realised that Boris was always destined to be another class.

    So now we have Boris the Barbarian. He's a baby-faced beast with 20 luck and a forged weapon. HE WANTS TO AXE YOU A QUESTION. \o/
    Oh god what have you done!? That sounds insanely epic though, and hilarious xD

    Robin, my avatar, is currently working on his relationship with Maribelle and it has, so far, produced the funniest lines!

    In one event she is teeaching him the ways of aristocracy and teaches him about poise, so when he attemots to stand up straight...

    Maribelle: "Ugh!? Why is your chin sticking out like that?"

    Robin: "I dunno, it just does when I try to stand like this..."

    Maribelle: "NO! That's pauper thinking. Cast it away!"

    I had a minor fit from that...Seriously though, this game has produced some of the most powerful characters I've seen in a while.

    Gameplaywise I started on Hard+Classic mode...not fun loosing units, especially since well, the game wont let them die as mentioned in the review, odd, but there you go. So I'm doing Hard+Casual. Thanks to this, I've learned the many nuainces this game has, and so when I attempt my hard+Classic play a 2nd time, I'll be ready. In my attempts to forge character relationships, pairing has become utterly essential, and the battle advantages in doing so cannot be disputed, it's a genius mechanic.

    I've used Golden Seals on Robin, Chrom, Sumia, Lissa and Kellam. Robin as a Grandmaster...that outfit is smoking hot.

    I'm also working on Kellham and Lissa's relationship...*sigh* Poor Kellam.

    Yep, so in love with this game!

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