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    One of the best things about this game is taking a risk and having it all work out. I put four vulnerable units in the line of fire of five units who could easily take out two of them if they coordinated their attacks well enough. My plan was to weaken them enough so they could be killed in my next turn if my units remained, but I could only do that if I used a mage and a dragon shifter. I would then need to bring my healer into the open to heal my axe knight with low defense for him to have any chance of surviving the next round.

    One fell into right into my trap of blocking the only attack route that would give them enough of an advantage by moving to a square that sealed the rest of them off. Without being able to reach either of the weaker units, they walked, one after another one into my dragon knight, mercenary and axe knight, who picked them all out one after another. In a series of supports, faints and close dodges, all the character came out, not unscathed, but holding on to enough of their life after that the risky skirmish was success and I was able to finish off the fifth unit and buy enough turns to heal and win the day.

    Fire Emblem in a nutshell.
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