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    Another good tactic if you can't keep someone at a fort is to remember the highest movement you've seen at that point from an enemy and keep away weak members of your army at least that many away from the edges of the map or a fort.

    If the reinforcements can't make it to your weak units, they will take the shortest route possible to try and get to them. If another unit IS in range, they will attack that unit on that route. Keep "I'm-gonna-fuck-up-you-up-if-you-so-much-as-look-at-me" unit just one spot away from the weak unit who is out of range and they will walk into the trap. Then in the next round, rescue all the units you sacrificed into double teams and move them both to forts where they both will get HP refreshes. The HP refresh + fort defensive bonus + double team bonus will make short work of anyone who tries to chase you, especially if you combine it with long distance attacks from mages and archers.

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