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    How does EOIV compare to the first one? I had it but never really got very far, mostly due to the challenging difficulty level and an overly big backlog at the time. Any problems story wise jumping in on game 4?

    I still have great memories of playing Bard's Tales games. Similar kind of feeling in EO?
    EOIII and IV are much more forgiving than EO- that first floor with its killer poison butterflies must have scared off many an adventurer! :D

    Parties are much more rounded now, and characters support each other more, with more healing and options and combos split across multiple characters, and subclassing. You also get the overworld exploration which is a nice break. EOIV is my favourite so far, but it's still not an easy game if you play it on the standard difficulty, it still requires you to think, plan ahead, and choose the right time to leave the dungeon while the going is good.
    Try the demo out on the eshop :D.

    I'm playing it on casual and the game will still hand my arse to me if I don't pay attention fighting the tougher mobs
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