#9060636, By JetSetWilly Medal of Honor: Warfighter Coming in October

  • JetSetWilly 6 Oct 2012 17:11:37 5,720 posts
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    Just spent an hour or so on this with a buddy and it wasn't too bad. It was certainly pretty frantic. I think my main gripes were the spawning, which was awful, and the grenades which I just knew nothing about till they killed me. Also the weapon reload seemed painfully slow but I assume that there'll be ways and means around this in the full game. Seemed to take a lot of ordinance, playing as a Brit assault, to take people down (or more likely my aim is shit). I liked that I could pick the Battlefield control layout, and didn't think the GUI was all that bad. I think it's worth a bit more time, pre-order not yet cancelled.
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