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    One of the big things against digital distribution is the death of the second hand market. I was thinking about a solution to this that might satisfy publishers today. Get PSN, Live, etc to have their own built in version of ebay for digital games. Would look something like this...

    1. You buy your game as you normally would from say the PSN store.

    2. It would have a lock in place where you couldn't sell it on for 3 months or some other amount of time. (This keeps sales of the full price version from plunging but has a trickle of "second hand" alternatives still available to the consumer after 3 months has passed.)

    3. Once the lock is removed you can put your digital copy on their built in auction service for whatever price the market determines it is worth. It will be cheaper than the full whack, but probably still a high enough return because the 3 month lock would keep supply limited. The publisher would get a small istore sized commission from the transaction and a fresh lock would be placed on whoever bought the "second hand" digital copy. Maybe the publisher could even take a bigger commission but that commission drops when it gets to a 3rd or 4th sale of the game.

    4. To stimulate the game economy they could make it that you can't redeem funds in cash but only in store credit. That way every "second hand" sale profit is reinvested back into other games on the store and everyone benefits.

    So to sum up. A new market would be opened up for consumers to get cheaper digital games. Publishers would make more money off of games over a longer period of time because of commissions and turning their consumers into retailers. Limited supply would keep their full price sales ticking. And more money is pumped into the game store because of the credit system.

    I think it would benefit most and raise profits and savings for all involved.
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