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    I just picked up a Vita this weekend, I am very impressed but a part of me is wondering if I have backed a loser and the concord article on IGN is an interesting read.

    I think if Apple had really put their mind to games they could have put a serious spanner in the Vita’s works, for example an official fully supported etc "iController" for the iPad would have enabled something akin to proper games on the iPad or iPhone and with the installed ios user base Sony & Nintendo would have problems. As it is though, Apple it seems are not after this market so I think the Vita has a real chance but I do think Sony can (finances permitting) can do a lot to help this. Here’s my view on what they could do.

    - Piracy was widespread on the PSP, it stopped many people buying the games that were made and stopped developers I'm sure making games they otherwise might have done. Sony cannot stop the vita being hacked but they can do more to limit the impact when it does.

    - Game prices. We live in the age of 69p games on the iPad and whilst people recognize the quality difference this does subconsciously I think limit what people will pay and I am not sure a portable format can support games priced at £40 or more.
    - PS1 games. You can buy them on the PSP and I think the sooner these are available the better.
    - PS2 games. There is a huge back catalogue here and surely the Vita could handle PS2 emulation?
    - PS3 games. People have historically frowned upon porting, personally though I’d love to see the top PS3 games ported over to the Vita. If you had this along with PS1, PS2, PSP and original Vita games then there would be some serious choice

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