#8463180, By CaptainKid Any good newish base building 2D RTS games out there?

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    disusedgenius wrote:
    Starcraft 2 is as good as 2D, tbh, and the only 'proper' RTS out there at the moment.
    I didn't like it. I played a few hours in the campaign.
    The base building part sucked I think.

    For example when I want to build more units I HAVE to add a certain building (barracks?). After a while I don't even look where I place those I just want to build more units.
    The whole building proces seems tacked on, it is no fun building at all.
    Perhaps because of the pace of the game, I feel I have no time to think about building at all but HAVE to build as fast as possible.

    I also didn't like the look of the buildings. And a lot of times I have to little room to build.

    Although I did not try Skirmish mode; me vs the computer.
    Don't even know if it has skirmish mode.

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