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    Tomo wrote:
    Neverness wrote:
    It is lovely and fixes all of those little issues that take something away from the mark2, but 3K!? That is just crazy. I am (reluctantly) out. :cry:
    What issues are those exactly? I must admit, from reading the specs it doesn't seem like THAT much of a leap from the MkII. I guess the extra 2 stops in ISO would be very beneficial, but for another 1500 that seems steep. What else /really/ warrants the added cost for you lot?
    Sorry Tomo, missed this.
    I think it has kind of been answered, and most things I have issues with on the mark2 are minor to say the least (and don't warrant the extra 1500), and they are mostly personal wants for how I use the camera if that makes sense.
    The AF isn't amazing, that isn't to say it is bad, but there is always a feeling it is not quite up to speed.
    Never thought I would want two memory card slots, but it would actually be really useful for when I am out with the family (one for jpeg so the wife can upload stuff, the other for RAW). I know I can save both now on one card now, but I find the files getting mixed up messy (weird I know), so I dont use it.
    I would like more FPS. Having come from the 40D, I do miss the high speed sometimes.
    Um...I am sure there are other things like button placement, AutoISO can now have a set min shutter speed, Liveview appears more useable, 100% viewfinder...
    Struggling now. I do love my camera it has to be said, and I never thought I would be even vaguely tempted by the Mark3.
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