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    Afternoon folks,

    Not used this thread before but since the sun is shining, and dust is forming I want a bit of a clean out. I'm looking for swaps, happy to swap two for one, and open for monetary offers too. All items are well looked after and will send 1st class, willing to do recorded delivery if who ever I'm swapping with will do the same :)


    For the 360 I've got:

    El Shaddai
    Skyrim guide (like new)
    Assassins Creed: Brotherhood
    Gears of war 1&2 double pack
    Burnout Paradise & Trivial Pursuit double pack
    Forza 3 & Halo ODST double pack
    Left 4 dead (unboxed, have a blank & instruction manual)
    Wolverine (unboxed, have a blank)
    Super street fighter
    Hori wireless Tekken fighter stick

    Got for the GameCube:

    Zelda: The wind waker (Limited edition, two disc including Ocarina of time)

    Got for the MegaDrive:

    Streets of rage 3 (not the best of conditions, but boxed, missing instructions, still really rare)

    I would like to swap for the following 360 games:

    Metal Gear Solid HD
    Bad company 2
    Skate 3
    Binary Domain
    Final Fantasy XIII-2
    Halo HD
    Portal 2
    Dark Souls
    Saints row 3
    Mafia 2

    I'm open to offers on any of my items, even if I haven't listed it on my want list feel free to give me an offer!

    Also there could be more that slipped my mind so I may come back to edit my list.


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