#9344492, By Ziz0u Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward

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    I have been on my current path for ages, looking at the flow map (which I don't really like doing), it seems to be one of the longer ones.

    I have a question that I wasn't going to ask as I assumed I would figure it out for myself, but I am a bit confused:

    How do the to be continued endings work exactly? The reason I ask is I have one where I don't seem to have what I need, but the one I am on now is where you need to enter the password in the Director's Office, and it's showing me that I should know the ID and password via a flashback. I just can't crack it. I don't want to know the answer, I guess I just want to know if I should know the answer :confused: or if this is a "to be continued" of sorts as well, and that I need to come back to it?
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