#8906735, By Darknight What things annoy you about the PS Vita and what would you like to see improved?

  • Darknight 3 Aug 2012 10:29:31 322 posts
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    The inability to have multiple accounts on the Vita has really put a stop to me playing mine over the last month or so.

    The Mrs wanted Lego Batman on it, and we spent a week switching back and forth so I could play Wipeout and she could play Batman - but the account switching procedure is such a ballache that neither of us can be bothered to go through the hassle, and now the console has been left switched off for days. I'm not even sure which account is registered on it at the moment.

    As a side note to that, having to completely wipe the Batman game so that a second player can earn trophies on it is another joke. Who the hell thought that was a good idea?
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