#8978887, By GamesConnoisseur What things annoy you about the PS Vita and what would you like to see improved?

  • GamesConnoisseur 3 Sep 2012 20:28:03 433 posts
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    Sony are an absolute fuvkwits

    Why hassles for your heavy Vita consumers? Especially those using just ONE account but too many contents, PS1, PSP and Vita digitial games to fit onto ONE memory card.

    Buy bigger card?

    I got 32 gb but still needed my 16 gb card, and even at the limit on the 2nd card!!

    What the problem?

    EVERY time I swopped card, all my icons which were organised get messed up, database rebuildings and all that.

    I switched off Vita fully when swopping card, but still get my ordered icons and separated categories/screens mixed around!

    I actually got multiple accounts but am keeping my US and Jap PSN purchases FIRMLY and safely on my very reliable and trustworthy PSP.

    Vita could provided a lot more smoother experience, we know it can, look at PSP, PS3 etc.

    If Vita is the model for the future Playstation consoles/handhelds, then Vita is simply gonna be my last.
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