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  • Nazo 18 Mar 2012 21:25:50 797 posts
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    I doubt it's an issue with the 3DS, visiting on an iPhone for the first time, the mobile site gets served.

    I imagine it looks for the user set cookie and if it's not present it will decide which site to serve based on how the browser identifies itself. Either they haven't added the 3DS browser to their list of known mobile devices or the 3DS doesn't identify itself clearly enough. It's more likely to be the former.

    Do EG even have web developers working for them? There are still loads of things that don't work right on the mobile site that haven't worked since day one. As a web dev myself I'd be embarrassed to allow one of my sites to be broken for so long, especially as some of these things are really simple fixes.

    With the iPhone app now gone it's even more annoying.
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