#8759028, By Layup Let's privatise the police!

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    Explain why privatisation is inherently bad.
    Conflict of interests between service and profitability, mostly.
    Not really any different to being Government run and meeting budgets.
    If you think about it rationally you'd have to say, yes what's the difference? They both would be set up in similar ways, with similar goals.

    In practicality it's a whole different story. At least in Britain I think every service that has been privatized has suffered in quality to costumers, in price or whatever - rail, post, electric. You name it. It's an unstopable depressing trend nowadays anyway, purely ideological imo, not even about money, even the holy cow - the NHS - has been altered maybe irretrievably now.
    None of thoses things are really private though. they`re still caught up in old systems and government regulation.

    I`m all for privatisation, except when it comes to the police. The one things government should do is cover private property rights i.e crime, and fraud.

    Companies aren`t out to `get people` thats counter productive. And everytime a government moves away from economics things get better. Hence the US became such a power house and today China`s standard of living is improving.
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