#8509954, By Rigu7 MLB 12 The Show

  • Rigu7 14 Mar 2012 10:02:30 112 posts
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    Started playing yesterday and it does exactly what I wanted. Quick baseball that I can sink countless hours into whilst the missus watches telly.

    Graphically, it's fine, the only minor gripe is that one of the "behind the pitcher" views makes a very pixelly attempt at rendering the crowd. No big deal to be honest; I found them moving about quite distracting when trying to hit the sweet spot, so switched to a closer view.

    Hitting is definitely harder. I'm on veteran, the second easiest, and struggling badly on default sliders. I might go back to timing only and switch guess pitch / zone hitting off to get used to speed and movement on the smaller screen.

    The lack of bells and whistles when hitting a homerun is a little disappointing, so room for improvement there, but as an offline player I'm very pleased with what it does.
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