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    If you're into baseball, can I take this opportunity to suggest importing Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2012 for the Vita? Should be cheap soon as 2013 is out in March.

    First the cons:

    It's entirely in Japanese. However, there's an excellent website devoted to this series called Spiritstranslation.com. If you also spend a week learning katakana, you need little else to enjoy.

    There's not a great deal of teams. Only twelve, but that's NPB for you.


    The ball is the right size. It's easily visible too, making the MLB devs reasons for using the beach ball nonsense.

    It's almost exactly the same as the PS3 version. Everything is in there.
    Celebrations, fireworks, mascots.

    The mechanics and physics are much better. Batting is great fun, pitching more rewarding. When you hit a homerun in PYS it's very satisfying. You'll be happy, your onscreen players will be happy.

    It's easier to find a level of play you're comfortable with, even in Japanese.

    Vita graphics are far better than The Show. You'll notice the crowd are high-res for a start. All-round crispness.

    All this from a seasoned The Show player, ( still might pick up the PS3 version when 13 rolls around ), but the gameplay and atmosphere in PYS great. The Vita version is the best sports game available for the console.
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