#8494349, By ming Keyboard advice: thinking of getting a mechanical

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    I have one of these http://www.keyboardco.com/keyboard_details.asp?PRODUCT=12 It was the cheapest mechanical keyboard I could find at the time, and possibly still is.

    I have had quite a few keyboards including 2 MS naturals, a cheaper Cherry, a scissor action keyboard by Benq and a few more.

    I work from home so use it every day as well as for gaming. I prefer keyboards with very light actions, and this has the lightest action I have ever used. Also I have found that other keyboard are often 'sticky', where if you press the key from the side it takes more force to press which irritated me immensely.

    The noise is a bit too much for me, and if I could buy one again I would go for a brown switched keyboard. Have a look for some videos, as even these are not silent.

    In random shops I have tried a razor keyboard, and I though it was quite good, but whenever I have done this sort of test and then bought the keyboard afterwards, it never felt the same and was often heavier.
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