#8672469, By Lukey__b Has the 360 really become this shit?

  • Lukey__b 7 May 2012 14:03:14 3,716 posts
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    Just to add - Blades was awful and points has always been awful.

    I've just updated to the new dashboard and can't really notice any extra flaws the last one didn't have. Not saying it's great, but I've not had any trouble browsing downloadable content.

    I'm using a 360 with a faulty drive, so it's only for Arcade games and maybe the odd older game on download. Nothing has interested me on the 360 I can't get for PC (apart from the Arcade service which is my only reason for putting up with the space the console takes and bringing it home on a coach - plus my graphics card is busted on my PC and I haven't got around to fixing that).

    I have been thinking of getting a PS3 recently. I fancied playing some of the exclusives but I don't want to take the hit when I sell it soon after.

    So ye, generally consoles now are shit.
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