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    An (other than the links) Spoiler free explanation of the outrage:

    I have to admit, us forum lot are in berserk mode right now. The game is aces, but the conclusion - that very last little feeling Bioware imparts on its fans - ends on such a foul note note that we're in an uproar.
    Still, let me make the same case here as I do on the forums. It's not about a "happy" ending. It's also not so much entitlement and raising our hopes, as it is Bioware's for not coming through on their advertisement.

    If you're not interested in text, then use the lower three youtube links to let two independent reviewers (and Hitler) make a far more entertaining case.

    This is what I was told when I took my wallet to the store.
    [quote=Casey Hudson]"This story arc is coming to an end with this game. That means the endings can be a lot more different. At this point we're taking into account so many decisions that you've made as a player and reflecting a lot of that stuff. It's not even in any way like the traditional game endings, where you can say how many endings there are or whether you got ending A, B, or C"

    "It's more like there are some really obvious things that are different and then lots and lots of smaller things, lots of things about who lives and who dies, civilizations that rose and fell, all the way down to individual characters. That becomes the state of where you left your galaxy. The endings have a lot more sophistication and variety in them." - Casey Hudson (Pre-Me3 release)

    [Quote]Mass Effect 3's Citadel will be larger and more content-packed than the facility you explored in Mass Effect 1, BioWare has revealed, and the game's possible endings will be far more varied, as the developer no longer has to worry about paving the ground for Shepard's next chapter. - Bioware Marketing

    However, when I neared the end, this is what I got as my big end-game decision:

    And of course the outro movie: (SPOILERS)

    But that's not it! That's not what the above quotes alluded to. The current ending, is not a proper reflection on all the storyline choices I've made. Hudson seems to think he handled that during the course of ME3, but that's not it! It also isn't about a happy or sad ending. It's about DIFFERENT endings and a way to feel we had an effect. By for example, leaving either Wrex or Wreav alive, the Krogan civilization should end up differently and we should be told of that.
    We want to know how we affected the rise and fall of civilizations and our friends and how we had a MEASURABLE effect on them. Just rolling to credits without a word on them, just doesn't validate all the time we invested in 100+ playthroughs of your entire triology. These are not "rises and falls" of civilizations. We don't find out what happens to our friends. You've just inserted neglible variances that just leaves us with more questions, and then you yank us away from them.

    This game, has lost all replay value by doing it like this. A single one of my character could unlock all your current "endings". There is just one current ending if I can do that. All those tweaks and investments I made, are mugatory if I'm led to belief everyone ends up in the same way after all.

    It can be argued that anything effects the ending and these truly are 6 different endings. I mean, I helped the krogan in ME2, so I gained enough of a score to color my explosion a pretty green, even though it makes no sense.
    Promise kept, case solved. Terms such as "different", "reflection", "varied" and "sophistication" are all very relative terms. We as customer base, have simply read to much into Bioware's statements. All those little things and big things they mused are there. They're just more "implied" then we like them to be.

    However, is that a direction Bioware really wants to take? Where we as fans don't take them that serious anymore or need to downplay everything they say, for them? I'm a bit too young to become a bitter cynic. Next time Bioware creates a game, I want to be able to belief it really has a gripping story where my choices matter.
    For now however, even the biggest opponent to our movement, needs to admit that what was promised in the advertising and hype, can be reasonably interpreted as more than we have been given now.

    I really hope they change it around with DLC. I'd PAY for a better ending.

    Small-time reviewers/comedians:

    Angry Joe gets to the point at 20:30 without revealing spoilers.

    SPOILERS!!! Jeremy gets into details.


    SPOILERS!!! Hitler makes a suprisingly good argument.


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